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In the last five years, migrants and refugees have been one of the most important topics in media and politics. Politicians' approach towards “migrants and refugees” can determine whether or not they are being elected.

But how much space do refugee’s voices actually have? How often are migrants and refugees the ones who is talking (and not just about their “Fluchterfahrung” but about their social and political opinion) instead of being the one who is being talked about? How often are they in the decision-making position? How many of the projects for refugees lead to more self-determination and empowerment?

Through this program, 6 projects got selected. Every one of the projects got 10 hours of individual mentoring, up to 9 hours of group meetings about political participation, intersectionality, and anti-discrimination with other participants, mentors, and organizations. The participants as well as mentors had a chance to present their projects in our final events which took place in Refugio, Belin.

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