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Meet Your Job is an interactive, multilingual, and multidisciplinary support network that aims to support people finding their way to the job market. The program is for and from women, non-binary and intersex people who experienced migration, exile, or displacement of any kind. “Meet Your Job'' focuses on three aspects:

1- Gaining the required skills and knowledge for finding a job in a safe space


2- Empowerment, self care and strengthening self-confidence through building a community


3- To learn about racism and discrimination on the job market and workplace and the ways to fight them

The workshops are not traditional informational events, but interactive events where people can use specific formats to practice.

What happens exactly, When, and How long?

This program consists of a total of 10 workshops, weekly meetings and one-to-one sessions takes place over 4,5 months. The Topics of Sessions are:

  • Job seeking, writing an application and motivation letter

  • Getting prepared for a job interview

  • Labor law and how to deal with racism and discrimination in the job market and at work

  • Healing Sessions and open space 

Who can apply? When?

Everyone who identifies themselves as a woman, non-binary, or intersex person can apply till 13th of April to be part of this support group. In case the workshop takes place online, there would be more places available.

Thanks for submitting, we will contact you in the next days with more information. 

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