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Mentoring Program

You have an idea and you want to turn it into practice?

Depending on the area of your work, we will search for the right mentor and connect you as soon as we receive your request.
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You want to be a mentor and support other projects?

Do you have experience in starting a project, campaign, organization, and etc? Register here as a mentor and support other projects by sharing your experience, expertise, and knowledge.
1- Which of these below categories would describe your area of expertise?

The latest supported projects:

Radio Exile

By Muhammal Alkashef and Manu Abdo

“Radio Exile” is a short radio piece about refugees, migrants and young people in exile who live in the city of exile, Berlin, where many people are trying to find themselves. The focus of "Radio Exile" is to create a space for people in exile to talk about their life situations and to express themselves about the challenges and troubles they have experienced on their ways to the new country and how they make it to form a new life in a country where they feel isolated and sometimes like a stranger.

Mentor: Rhea Ramjohn

Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group for womxn* in Bochum

By Arshin 


This project is about giving voice and building a safe space for persian-speaking migrant and refugee women living in Germany who experienced sexual harassment or rape.

Mentor: Melika Zar

Music therapy for the children in the refugee camps  

By Kimia Bani

Music can be seen as a way to break the language bareers. Kimia, as a musician, as a person who has the experience of living as migrant brings together her experiences and built a music therapy group.

Mentor: Rhea Ramjohn

A series of maps of the border

By Giuliana Kiersz

This projects is titled "A series of maps of the borders" and aims to

investigate and reflect on the territories we inhabit and the

narratives of borders and borderlands. Thinking of: How do we tell

ourselves as a society? How does language move through the territories

we inhabit? How do these territories relate? What is a border? When

does a border become visible? How can borders become a place to

gather? Can we imagine a future of borders? Can we display that

future? The investigation will be developed through spontaneous and

preplanned interviews, and gatherings with local communities.

Ancestral Wisdom

By Ifeatu Nnaobi


Ancestral wisdom is a film about searching for and creating one’s present and future self through the past. It focuses on Black and Brown diaspora individuals in Germany who are linking across time and place by invoking their migratory experiences, genealogy, cultural and traditional heritage in their present-day life.This film is about uncovering and inventing the past of Black and Brown diaspora people in Germany, and moulding it to suit the present. At a time when they, like many other people in the world are asking, ‘what in our world needs to change for it to be better?’, or ‘how can I not only survive or thrive, but be celebrated on this planet?’

This film specifically focuses on the stories of those who are seeking these answers from within (who they are).


Mentor: Azin Feizabadi

In Bewegung

By Sanaz Azimipour


A podcast approaching the political realities through looking at private stories of migrants living in Berlin. 


Mentor: Rhea Ramjohn


by Laras collective

An interdiciplinary art project by a group from Latin-America, having lived through the process of colonization and seen how a territory can be shaped and modified dramatically, we want to question and promote a reflection of the concept “territory”. Taking as a starting point a history of extractivism and of overexploitation of natural resources in Latin America, we have as our first visual reference the mining areas in the north of Chile where tailings and chemically contaminated waters of strong and vibrant colors can be seen, both connected by deep lines furrowed down to their surface.

The word Surco in Spanish means both furrow "a trench in the earth, groove, crack, slit, opening, fissure, cavity, slit, break, chink or crack that is made in the ground", but also "wrinkle, line". Surcos are the marks that were left in our bodies, which are our first territory, but also to the extension of it: our society, city, earth. Surcos are the marks that are left over the time: histories, pain, resistance. SURCO, our piece, questions these marks that the passage of time leaves  in different territories: in our skin, in our body, in our history, in our society, on earth.

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