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Who are we?

"MiG" in Migloom stands for Migrants and "Loom" is the instrument for handmade weaving. In another word, Migloom stands metaphorically for migrants building an equal, diverse future together by getting connected.

"Nothing About Us Without Us''

MigLoom was founded by migrants activists, artists, and experts who worked in the field of civil society in Germany. Our experience of institutional, structural, and interpersonal racism and discrimination in our work and in our everyday life as migrants in Germany brought us together to get louder, fight harder, and reclaim our spaces. Migrants, refugees, and BiPoC people are the subjects of the most important political topics in Germany yet they are still being talked about instead of being those who are talking. We created Migloom to focus on these voices in a discrimination-aware space where people can come together and get louder.

If you wanna know more, check out our events and projects or visit our instagram page here.

Our visions:

  • Making spaces for migrant's and refugee's voices in politics, media, and civil society


  • Changing the established power structures


  • Creating an equal future

Our mission:

  • Fighting migrantophobia, racism, antisemitism, and islamophobia


  • Supporting, promoting, and empowering the political participation of the migrants


  • Creating a hierarchy-free safe space for BiPoC people


  • Political education and raising awareness

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